Spear Earrings


  • Image of Spear Earrings

3.5" long
Hand Stamped Brass
Original Design
Each pair slightly different
Hang on Handmade 14k. Gold fill ear wires

Image of Sterling Fallen Leaf Hoops
Sterling Fallen Leaf Hoops
Image of Pattini Earrings with Lapis
Pattini Earrings with Lapis
Image of Moon Owl Earrings
Moon Owl Earrings
Image of "Rise" Earrings
"Rise" Earrings
Image of Sun Snake
Sun Snake
Image of Wolf Mama Earrings
Wolf Mama Earrings
Image of Laurel Hoops
Laurel Hoops
Image of Heidi Hoops
Heidi Hoops
Image of Portal Triplet Earrings
Portal Triplet Earrings
Image of Rainbow Tassel Earrings
Rainbow Tassel Earrings
Image of Earthly Elements Earrings
Earthly Elements Earrings
Image of "Vashti" Hoops
"Vashti" Hoops
Image of Moons and Stars Hoops
Sold out
Moons and Stars Hoops
Image of Many Moons Brass Hoops
Many Moons Brass Hoops
Image of Sherah Hoops (Brass and Copper)
Sherah Hoops (Brass and Copper)
Image of "Coastal Hills Hoops"
Sold out
"Coastal Hills Hoops"
Image of Shine Earrings
Shine Earrings
Image of Mid Day Triplet Earrings
Mid Day Triplet Earrings
Image of Portal Tassel Earrings
Portal Tassel Earrings
Image of Pink Fan Tassel Earrings
Pink Fan Tassel Earrings
Image of Foliage Hoops
Foliage Hoops
Image of Sterling Silver Stamped Athena Hoops
Sold out
Sterling Silver Stamped Athena Hoops
Image of Totem Earrings
Totem Earrings
Image of "She-Rah" Necklace
"She-Rah" Necklace
Image of Vashti Necklace
Vashti Necklace
Image of Mountain Necklace
On sale
Mountain Necklace
Image of "Adorn" Demi Earrings
"Adorn" Demi Earrings
Image of "Bow + Arrow" Demi Earrings
"Bow + Arrow" Demi Earrings
Image of "Serpentina"Earrings with Rust+Cream beads
"Serpentina"Earrings with Rust+Cream beads
Image of Gold "Shauna" Necklace
Gold "Shauna" Necklace
Image of Oxidized Sterling "Staircase" Hoops
Oxidized Sterling "Staircase" Hoops
Image of Pueblo Cuff
Pueblo Cuff
Image of Gold "Staircase" Hoops
Gold "Staircase" Hoops
Image of Lg. Gold Hanging Hoops
Lg. Gold Hanging Hoops
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