Shoji Earrings


  • Image of Shoji Earrings

These 4 panel Hand Drawn and Etched Brass Earrings are 2.5" wide and 3.5" long and are light weight. Because they are hand made, each pair is a little different.

Image of Striped Tulips
Striped Tulips
Image of Pattini Earrings with Lapis
Pattini Earrings with Lapis
Image of "You are my Sunshine" Earrings
Sold out
"You are my Sunshine" Earrings
Image of Moon Owl Earrings
Moon Owl Earrings
Image of *Limited -Rise Earrings in Sterling and Copper
*Limited -Rise Earrings in Sterling and Copper
Image of Rainbow Tassel Posts
Rainbow Tassel Posts
Image of "Rise" Earrings
"Rise" Earrings
Image of Sun Snake
Sold out
Sun Snake
Image of Wolf Mama Earrings
Wolf Mama Earrings
Image of Basket Hoops
Basket Hoops
Image of Laurel Hoops
Laurel Hoops
Image of Beacon Hoops
Beacon Hoops
Image of Frond Hoops
Frond Hoops
Image of Heidi Hoops
Heidi Hoops
Image of "Peace Dove" Earrings
"Peace Dove" Earrings
Image of Pattini Earrings with Coral
Pattini Earrings with Coral
Image of Portal Triplet Earrings
Portal Triplet Earrings
Image of Rainbow Tassel Earrings
Rainbow Tassel Earrings
Image of Earthly Elements Earrings
Earthly Elements Earrings
Image of "Vashti" Hoops
"Vashti" Hoops
Image of Moons and Stars Hoops
Moons and Stars Hoops
Image of Sherah Hoops (Brass and Copper)
Sherah Hoops (Brass and Copper)
Image of "Coastal Hills Hoops"
Sold out
"Coastal Hills Hoops"
Image of Shine Earrings
Shine Earrings
Image of Rising Phoenix Hoops
Rising Phoenix Hoops
Image of Mid Day Triplet Earrings
Mid Day Triplet Earrings
Image of Portal Tassel Earrings
Portal Tassel Earrings
Image of Rainbow Drops Pre-Order
Rainbow Drops Pre-Order
Image of Foliage Hoops
Foliage Hoops
Image of "Adorn" Demi Earrings
"Adorn" Demi Earrings
Image of Geo Pillar Earrings
Geo Pillar Earrings
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