Foliage Hoops


  • Image of Foliage Hoops

These Hand Drawn and Etched Brass Hoops are 3.5" long and hang on handmade 14k. Gold fill hooks

Image of Striped Tulips
Striped Tulips
Image of Rainbow Tassel Posts
Rainbow Tassel Posts
Image of Laurel Hoops
Laurel Hoops
Image of Frond Hoops
Frond Hoops
Image of Heidi Hoops
Heidi Hoops
Image of "Coastal Hills Hoops"
"Coastal Hills Hoops"
Image of Rainbow Drops Pre-Order
Rainbow Drops Pre-Order
Image of Snow Melt Collar
Snow Melt Collar
Image of Brass "Jungle" Cuff
Brass "Jungle" Cuff
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